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History of a Winery

The Wardy's are the fourth generation of wine and arak makers. Wines and spirits have been intertwined since 1881 when great-grandfather, Rachid Cortas, started a winery in Zahle. Every member of the family – the neighboring Cortases and Wardys – grew into experienced wine and arrack makers. It's in their blood.

In the 1930s, Toufiq Wardy moved to Aleppo in Syria to become a partner in a distillery. Habib Cortas followed and took his young family for a stay of a few months that eventually became a lifetime. They then founded arak “Cortas & Wardy” in Aleppo and made wine and other spirits. In 1959 they returned to Zahle.

About Domaine Wardy

The story of Domaine Wardy is that of two neighboring families from Zahle, The Wardys and The Cortases. The Wardys owned vineyards and orchards while The Cortases made wine and arak since 1881. The winery today is owned and managed by four Wardy siblings and produces 17 Wines, Arak and Vodka

A New Beginning

Domaine Wardy turned 21 in 2018. Officially she’s an adult, and with adulthood comes self-awareness as well as new challenges and responsibilities.

Wardy is returning to nature with a commitment to organic farming and respect for the environment with the switch to solar power and the installation of a new wastewater treatment plant at the winery. This evolution resulted in a new dynamic logo inspired by nature.

What the renowned designer Tarek Atrissi came up with was genius: the new logo reflects the core idea of “Wardy”, written in Arabic calligraphy, which happens to resemble four rows of vines

The Lebanese Heritage

For far too long, the Lebanese wine industry has been shy of its origins, preferring the safe and tried-and-true route of imitation French or the sleek ultra-modern in its labeling and designs. Yet this is a region that has continuously produced fine wines for more than 6000 years.

Domaine Wardy has decided to proudly showcase the Lebanese heritage by designing labels that are unmistakably Oriental and Lebanese. They looked at traditional architecture, tiles, carpets, fabrics. But what attracted the most were the incredibly detailed and beautiful wooden mosaics used for jewelry boxes, tables and backgammon boards.

387 / 5,000 Translation results These wonderfully intricate creations became the inspiration for the new labels, brought to life by renowned designer Tarek Atrissi. To make them more relevant to the wines of one varietal, colors inspired by the aromatic profile of each varietal were used and a wood texture was used to imply that the wine was aged in oak.

Diana Salameh Khalil - Wine Maker



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